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ClifRock’s Panel Masonry™ Construction System

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Learn how to make backyards great again with exciting features that bring friends and families together.

What is Panel Masonry?

Panel Masonry is a technique for using specialized concrete mixtures to create realistic rock like structures and hardscapes. ClifRock materials used set stronger than traditional concrete and are less expensive than stone and mortar construction.

Panel Masons can build:

Concrete Countertops

PanelMasons can install beautiful features consistent with the look and feel of natural stone at a fraction of the cost using ClifRock oudoor living products.

Why Install Panel Masonry?


Upon acceptance to the ClifRock Academy, you and your team will gain access to hand on training seminars and ongoing support.

Quality And Reliability

ClifRock installations are designed to last – meaning that you are going on less repair calls allowing you to take on more NEW projects.

Safe to Install

Little cutting, less job site disturbance. Safer for your employees and less expensive for your customers.

Additional Revenue

Looking for additional customers and revenue streams – especially in the landscaping, hardscaping and construction industries?

PanelMasons enjoy these opportunities from day one.

Create Beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces For Less

Panel Masonry™ is making outdoor luxury affordable, with customizable designs, materials and installation process.
Find out if Panel Masonry™ makes sense for your business now or in the future. Begin with by following us on social media and speaking with our Panel Masonry Experts.

Find out if Panel Masonry™ makes sense for your business now or in the future. Get started with PanelMason now.