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Checkmarks & Checks - Getting Business Done

All Small Businesses Want are Checkmarks & Checks

All a small business or contractor wants is a streamline process to get work done. They want Check Marks and Checks.

What stands between businesses completing projects and getting paid is all the steps in between. With each step, there is an opportunity for something to go wrong. There is a chance for a delay and a chance to incur costs.

Is the job done and the customer happy? That’s a Check Mark.

Did we get paid? Collecting Checks.


Get MORE Jobs Done With Less Material and Labor

We all want to have more profitable jobs. To do this, we have to cut costs without sacrificing quality. This means reducing material and labor needed to complete projects.

Customers Don’t Pay Contractors to Work at Their House

They pay them to leave with the job complete. They call back if they like the results of the time the workers did spend at their house.

How little did you destroy their yard; how long did they have to hear your saw cut? How many times did they have to change their schedule or look at the unfinished project?

The Panel Masonry system is designed to make you look like the true professional.

Grow Your Business Right

When growing any business, the last thing you want to grow with it are problems. This requires process and operations to be optimized.

With companies in construction and outdoor living, labor is more of an issue than ever.

Growing your landscaping business can be difficult. We make it easier with this how-to guide.

Turn-Key Masonry System

PanelMasons can build outdoor kitchens in hours not days. Outdoor Living Spaces in Days not Weeks. Jobs Done: 1/3 the Cost in 1/2 the Time – Faster Cash Flow with less headaches.

Completed Quickly – All Done. With Panel Masonry, jobs can be finished quickly. Let us show you how.

Panel Mason Training
Learn how to build backyard masterpieces with our live training events.

The Panel Masonry system by ClifRock helps contractors, landscaping and small businesses like yours win more bids and happy customers while growing their profitability.

Written by Robert Tanguay, a Small Business Marketing Expert with Clifrock and New England Marketing & Efficiency

    Growing a Landscaping Business: Your How-To Strategy
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