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People are staying home more – whether they can work there or decide to stay in because of Corona Virus. Many people don’t enjoy wearing a mask, but they do it for obvious reasons.

At the time of writing this, mask wearing is mandated in many places throughout the United States. There are places where a person can not wear a mask – its called a private space.

WARNING: This is not legal advice, just the author’s thoughts and trend forecast.

Public Spaces

Public Spaces are those open to the general public such as roads, sidewalks, parks, libraries and most government buildings. They are owned by everyone, also known as the commons.

There are also semi-public places that are open to the public, though privately owned. Think grocery stores, Walmart, the movie theaters and restaurants. You can’t discriminate who can enter based on race, religion and there are no memberships or club rules.

Private Spaces

Your home is a private space. A church is a private space. BJ’s is a private space – you can’t shop without a membership.

This gun store appears to be a private space – whether you like guns or masks.

Family Meal

Outside is an all-natural screen filled with trees, clouds and animals. Watch it with your family more often. Cold weather? Don’t worry, Daddy doesn’t mind cooking under the stars.

House Party

I’m not talking a rager like we were in our early 20’s, but something a little more sophisticated, like craft beers. What was that game we used to play all the time? Cornhole – The 2010’s were great!

Social Club

Remember when you could go out and talk with your friends or even a complete stranger? Like a “Private” Club.

You can still smoke indoors at V.F.W. and some casinos too. Are casinos even open anymore?

This is not to make a moral judgement, rather to show private spaces make their own rules in America.

Panel Masons can create all these places

for less cost than traditional masonry. Outdoor Kitchens to cook, eat and entertain in.

Since every kitchen is a bar, add some fire features and you’re set to party.
Businesses like restaurants that want to move beyond take out or the “virtual experience” are going to have to adapt to grow.

They will have to create private spaces that people can visit comfortably.
Panel Masonry transforms commercial locations in a Post-Covid world.

Written by Robert Tanguay

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