Create Outdoor Living Spaces for Less!

ClifRock is Outdoor Living – Kitchens, Fire & Water Features

Transform backyards and outdoor spaces with the ClifRock Panel Masonry Construction System. Since 2011 customers have trusted us to innovate their properties.

Backyard Waterfalls
Grottos and Caves
Pool Slides and Waterfalls
Fire Pits
Outdoor Fireplaces
BBQ Islands
Outdoor Kitchens
Service Areas and Bars

As a local installer –
Gain access to more customers and a larger share of the project scope – for both residential and commercial jobs. Win more bids with ClifRock’s Panel Masonry™ product line, increasing your cash flow and profit margins.

Create striking stone, water and fire features at half the cost and in 1/3 the time it takes for traditional masonry. Certified PanelMasons enjoy lower labor costs, greater job security and a safer work environment. Learn how to get started here.

Mix and Set
Mix and Set

ClifRock’s proprietary mixture is stronger than concrete. Mix depending on application and pour into a mold to set.

Drill & Chill

Join the hardened panels together in the desired structure shape. Panels can be made off site and installed quickly.

Panel Mason Training
Mend & Send

Blend the joined panels seamlessly with our compound. Then, slice and dice the corners to achieve the desired block depth.

Done, Son

When everything is dry, paint the surfaces the desired colors. It’s easy with the Panel Mason coloring kits. Happy customer.


Panel Masonry Projects

ClifRockPanel Masonry

Offer More. Earn More.
ClifRock’s Panel Masonry™️ products and processes allow you to offer unique features at competitive prices. As an authorized Panel Mason – you will be able to provide:

Explore Clifrock Panel Masonry

    Why Install Clifrock?

    PanelMasons can install beautiful features consistent with the look and feel of natural stone at a fraction of the cost.
    ClifRock’s proprietary installation system and products are available to trained and certified installers only.
    The good news is that we are seeking qualified companies looking to increase their revenue opportunities and service offerings. PanelMasons enjoy:

    Upon acceptance to the ClifRock Academy, you and your team will gain access to hand on training seminars and ongoing support.

    Quality And Reliability

    ClifRock installations are designed to last – meaning that you are going on less repair calls allowing you to take on more NEW projects.

    Safe to Install

    Little cutting, less job site disturbance. Safer for your employees and less expensive for your customers.

    Additional Revenue

    Looking for additional customers and revenue streams – especially in the landscaping, hardscaping and construction industries?

    PanelMasons enjoy these opportunities from day one.

    Become an Authorized Panel Mason to get more hardscape jobs.
    Offer customers outdoor fireplaces, custom fire pits, water falls, slides, rock walls and more!

    What Our Panel Masons Say

    Literally the day you’re done with the job, people are showing up to look at things. It’s that exciting of a product. “

    Kyle Swanson Above & Beyond Lawn & Landscape

    We’ve doubled the amount of projects done from the 1st year to the 2nd year. We’d like to create a showroom… in the next 5 years. “

    Walsh Custom Concepts Home Remodel Specialist

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