Housing has been in high demand since 2018, but with Corona Virus disrupting supply chains and labor markets, New Housing Construction is booming, but being slowed by high commodity and materials prices. In many cases, contractors can’t get the materials or workers they need to complete the jobs they have planned.

Rising fuel and equipment prices with shortages available should eventually stabilize, but they might not go back down to pre-Covid levels. Projects already budgeted may no longer be feasible, which could help relieve a little pressure.

Construction is at a halt for more than a month at this housing development, possibly due to materials availability and source. Credit – Robert Tanguay

Problems Contractors Face in 2021

We serviced tens of thousands of contractors through our newsletter over the last year – Labor and Materials tops the list by far of issues construction companies. Material prices are through the roof – with lumber jumping almost 4x from the 2020 lows of around $400 per 1000 board ft.

Outdoor Living is Huge Now

People are staying home more, even with vaccination rates up. Work from home is here to stay for many, or at least in some form. This, combined with rising home prices is pushing up demand for outdoor living and related industries like landscaping and home renovations.

Pool builders are booked for a while but are slow to complete projects on budget due to material and supply shortages.

Was 2020 Your Best Year in Business?

Were You More Productive in your business operation? Did your business make it’s highest profits ever? Did you sleep well knowing you had enough work for your employees and that you had enough employees for your work?

Did you look at your vehicle and equipment expenses and say, “More, Please”? Well, at least they don’t depreciate to zero….. sometimes they go upside down.

Do rising material and labor costs put your mind at ease? People Have Money – don’t waste it. Earn the Margins you deserve.

Were you often wishing for one more headache, just one more problem to solve?

Panel Masonry Solves Contractor Issues

Using Panel Masonry you can generate more profits with each customer and job you take. Build outdoor kitchens, backyard fireplaces and water features like ponds and relaxing rock waterfalls for a fraction of the cost of traditional masonry.

Panel Masons complete jobs quickly and with less skilled labor. Our materials are manufactured in the United States and fabricated locally by authorized small businesses.

It’s going to be a long summer.

Don’t beat your head into the same rock again – build one with Panels instead.

Let us show you how.

Written by Robert Tanguay of New England Marketing and Efficiency