If your business isn’t growing it is dying. You could say that it is going into a dormant stage like the grass lawns landscapers manicure for their customers, but I look at differently.

The economics of small business are different than landscaping as some businesses grow during the winter. While the blades of grass and plants are all entwined in a complex web of competition and cooperation, they do not strategize like people do.  

Pick Up the Phone

The number one way to grow your business is to reach out for new opportunities. While it can be tricky to get people on the phone for many reasons, it is the quickest way to connect and get answers.

Check in on Recent Customers

While this can stir up problems, if you do good work, you shouldn’t be scared to check in with your past customers to see how they are enjoying what you did for them. They’ll be happy for your care.

Be sure to ask them in they have any new project ideas – it could turn into more work.

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Call Your Open Quotes

Grab a pile of your old quotes and start dialing. Find out if they have any questions or are ready to rock. If not, ask them what is keeping them from moving forward. Did they go with someone else? Ask them why and then you’ll know.

Reach Out to Existing/Current Customers

Reaching out to existing customers can be a form of quality assurance and also a way to offer more products and services. Be careful not to overdo it. People are busy and too much contact can counteract what they hired you to do – save them time.

Market Digitally

How are people to become customers if they don’t know about you? You have to market to them. Digital Marketing consists typically of online marketing – websites, blogs, social media, search and email.

While a great opportunity to get word out about your landscaping business, you have to be careful targeting. Ads can be expensive and time consuming to set up – burning though marketing budgets without producing any results.

Offer New Services

New creates excitement – it creates emotion. Most people act on feelings, so if you want to get people to do something, like hire you, make them feel it. Grab their attention with something NEW.

Get More Customers

Offering a new product or service gets attention – it shows your landscaping business is growing and may be what a potential customer needs to become a paying customer.

Maybe the prospect likes your company – but you don’t offer the services that they need. This is the opportunity to fill that need and get a second look.

Get Better Customers

You could have plenty of customers, just not the right ones. The best landscaping customers are unique for each landscaping company. You have to look at what you do well and how that fits into your local market. Offering a new service that your current operation can do well will get more lucrative customers.

Better customers grow profit margins by reducing marketing expenses. They refer new customers for free.

Panel Masonry is New

PanelMasonry is one of the newest techniques in Outdoor Living. It allows a company to install waterfalls, outdoor kitchens, firepits and exciting features for a fraction of the cost and time of traditional masonry.

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Excite the Masses

Do something novel – and I’m not talking the Corona Virus. It will get the attention of the world around you.

Winter Work Slowdown

In the Summertime, the living is easy. When it gets cold out, spending doesn’t necessarily freeze. You have to work to get

Snowed-In: Snow Removal Money

As a landscaper, you may already be providing snow removal services as many other landscaping companies are. This can be a vital injection of cash for your business and a tool for employee retention as mortgages and truck payments don’t stop when the days get shorter.

Warmer Climates

Warmer climates are great as you can work outside all year without losing fingers to frostbite. Good weather year-round also increases demand for Outdoor Living – but without the bitter, the sweet can never be as sweet.

It’s not enough to have green grass if the grass is always green – it needs to be surrounding a patio or an outdoor kitchen to get the same wow factor. Now that’s much better.

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