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Do you feel you could do more? Make your business grow – perform better? Help your employees accomplish more?
Few reach their maximum potential. Most are average – that is the definition. And that’s OK, as we’ve written before, the margins are in the middlethere’s more room for profit and growth.
But still we strive, and can reach high standards if we work hard and work smart.

Homeowners Want Outdoor Kitchens

The New American Backyard

We believe a backyard is incomplete without a permanent kitchen and fire pit. Roll out grills are for are quickly becoming from a bygone era – ClifRock Kitchen Islands are becoming the “New Normal”.

Our Panel Masonry structures are meant to be in community spaces for entertainment. There are bids for park improvements and public pools all across America. Panel Masons can make real improvements in communities across America – let us help you!

Build Outdoor Kitchens and Bars for Everyone

Homeowners want outdoor kitchens and eating spaces for their backyard entertainment areas. With the labor and material shortages taking place now, many homeowners want the best value for their hard-earned money.

How to Build Outdoor Kitchens for Less

Most businesses and municipalities can’t afford natural stone at their baseball fields, schools, hiking trails climbing walls, and national parks. Retail and restaurants of tomorrow can’t typically afford real boulders and rocks and the costs of ownership, but they can handle a less expensive Concrete Countertop by ClifRock.

ClifRock Panel Masonry can build custom colored concrete countertops to match any project or design.

More Profit Per Job with Water Features

Backyard Waterfall

In today’s world, Pools were meant to have slides and waterfalls – Pools continue to be very popular. People are building out their properties with a big focus on the outside spaces.

They are putting in koi fish ponds, water fountains, volcanoes, grottos, caves, pyramids and other works of art. They are creating backyard paradises where they live.
Previous to Clifrock Panel Masonry, those items were luxuries, reserved for the “rich” and locally famous who could afford to build great monuments of stone.

Behold – those features can be built by you and your team in days instead of weeks, and for a fraction of the cost.
You can attract new workers and keep existing ones by mastering Panel Masonry.

We can help you do it – see if ClifRock is right for your company today.