Bad Weather Slows Outdoor Work

For many contractors, the weather is a hindrance, slowing down their projects and stopping their employees from working.

In many parts of the country, we are already much warmer than anticipated. This is both good and bad for our readers.
In the colder regions, many landscaping outfits rely on plowing and other winter events to keep a consistent flow of income and their employees working.

Good Labor is Hard to Find

Vetting new employees takes time and money, too. Everyone says they’re a good worker until you fire them. The proof is in the pudding.

How to Keep Your Crew Productive

A busy worker is not looking elsewhere for employment – they are enjoying their labor and paychecks. In a competitive labor market, it is necessary to retain existing workers instead of retraining new ones. Keeping your employees working and getting paid allows your business to be more profitable and offer more money to existing and new workers.

Increase the Power of Your Shop

Imagine you could keep your crew working, progressing on projects when the weather isn’t cooperating. With ClifRock Panel Masonry, you can build custom concrete countertops, outdoor kitchens, water features – all the panels – at your shop.
Sometimes it just rains too hard to work outside. Jobs have to get done for you to get paid.

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Transport to Location Send those panels to the job site to be masoned together, colored and finished in clear weather.
In cold weather, set up a tent with heaters and get to work. Expecting rain? All you need is a tent to keep projects moving. With Panel Masonry, you decide the best strategy for each job. Complete control.
Build More with PanelMasonry – We’ll Contact You

Recent Panel Masons Xtreme Concrete building in their Shop building a mailbox post.

The power of Panel Masonry is in it’s process, not just the American made, high strength Panel Mix.
ClifRock’s Panel Masonry Outdoor Construction System is efficient and highly profitable.
In a market where even low skilled labor is expensive, you need to maximize the productivity of your work force. As a Panel Mason, your company will do just that.
Want to know more? We do to. Tell us about your business to see if we are a fit.