PanelMason Outdoor Living Design Services


PanelMason Authorized Installers offer a wide array of Outdoor Living designs and builds.

Panel Masonry is a construction system that allows for quicker installation at a fraction of the cost of traditional masonry.

Learn about the various features that can be built with PanelMasonry here.

Panel Masonry Construction Services

Outdoor Living - PanelMason Installation & Design Services

Fire Pits and Features

Fire Pit Masonry

Learn how to make outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, flame lighting and heating features using Panel Masonry for your customers to enjoy.


Wall Panel Masonry

Walls & Stairs

Walls and stairs partition and allow entry to different environments. Design affordable options for your customers with Panel Masonry.


Outdoor Kitchen Bar

Outdoor Kitchens & Bars

Outdoor kitchens and bars are a popular place to unwind. Make these additions to homes and commercial locations alike.


ClifRock Stone

Stone & Hardscape

Create lifelike rock and boulder structures along with hardscape patios and walkways in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost.


Water Features

Water Features

Water features like slides, rock grottoes and structures take ordinary pools beyond cool. Build fountains and waterfalls to create pleasant sounds.


Home Exterior Wall Panel

Interior/Exterior Panel Masonry

Apply beautiful patterns to interior/exterior walls quickly as a Panel Mason. Get work year round, staying warm at the shop and at the job site.


Become an Authorized Panel Mason to create jaw dropping designs incorporating traditional masonry projects with less time and cost.

Build everything from fire pits, outdoor kitchens, bars, water features, walls, stairs and more into their backyards and commercial spaces.

As a PanelMason, Get Expert Marketing Support to help you grow your business efficiently.