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Kitchens & Bars

Questions about Panel Masonry™

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Outdoor Kitchen Bar

Outdoor Bars and Kitchens

Learn how to create beautiful and functional oudoor kitchens and bars for your customer’s friends and family to congregate around.

People love to eat and drink. By incorporating these features into backyards and outdoor environments, you can increase the enjoyment of the property for years to come.

Get more jobs and design better projects as a Certified Panel Mason. See what you can do – Download the Poolside Water Features  look book.

Why Become a Panel Mason?

After becoming a Certified Panel Mason, you will be able to experience the benefits of ClifRock’s products and installation process, including:

  • Easy Use & Installation
  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Versatile, Better Priced & Designed Product
  • Pre-Designed Feature Catalog
  • Reduced Worker Fatigue & Injury
  • Less Backyard Disturbance/Damage
  • Easy Componant Integration (Lighting, Speakers, etc.)