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Water Features

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Rock Waterfall Feature
Water Features

Water Features – Waterfalls, Slides, Grottoes & Rock Structures

Learn how to make and waterfalls, slides and grottoes that turn any boring or ordinary pool into a family oasis.

Water features bring functionality, excitement and calming sounds to outdoor environments.

Download the Clifrock Poolside Water Features look book and see what you can do as a Certified Panel Mason.

Why Become a PanelMason

After becoming a Certified Panel Mason, you will be able to experience the benefits of ClifRock’s products and installation process, including:

  • Easy Use & Installation
  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Versatile, Better Priced & Designed Product
  • Pre-Designed Feature Catalog
  • Reduced Worker Fatigue & Injury
  • Less Backyard Disturbance/Damage
  • Easy Componant Integration (Lighting, Speakers, etc.)